Darkest Hour: Europe ‘44-’45 update 8.0.7 has arrived!

  • [RELEASE] v8.0.7 - Grenade Crates & More!

    This update is a blend of new content, updated maps, balance tweaks, optimization, and design changes.


    • Decreased the amount of grenades players spawn with to one (1), while increasing the maximum grenades players can carry to three (3). This is also paired with the addition of a placeable grenade crate (see below). These change were made to reduce the ubiquitous grenade spam, while at the same time allowing well organized teams to have a matériel advantage.


    Stoumont (Advance)

    • Significantly expanded the boundaries of the level.
    • Objectives and spawn areas changed to better suit the new game mode.

    Black Day July (Advance)

    • Added loading screen and overview.
    • Added trenches to various locations
    • Added vegetation around towns and added more houses
    • Gave Allies an additional T34 and set Allies to Axis ratio to 60%

    Dead Man's Corner

    • Changed the final objective to be easier for Allies by moving Axis spawn and by increasing reinforcement interval


    Grenade Boxes (NEW):

    • Costs 350 supply
    • Provides 15 grenades to teammates

    Platoon HQ

    • Can now be built closer to other friendly HQs (limit was 250 meters, now 200)
    • Fixed an issue where the Allied HQ could be placed in a position that would block the exit

    Supply Cache

    • Now contains the amount of supplies used to place it after being constructed.
    • Now deposits generated supplies more often (was every 20 seconds, now every 5 seconds)
    • Now generates more supplies (was 100/minute, now 120/minute)


    • Players can now shovel 33% faster
    • Players in the prone position now have less recoil (was 50% reduction, changed to 60%)
    • Slightly reduced recoil of Sturmgewehr 44


    • Tweaked truck (GMC, Opel, ZiS-5V) tire friction to increase traction
    • Tweaked truck hand-brake performance so they will not “spin out” as easily
    • Decreased vehicle impact damage threshold
    • Adjusted truck health to be significantly higher (from 150 to 1000)
    • Soft vehicles (cars, trucks, etc) will now blow up after 10 seconds if their engine is on fire

    AT Guns

    • Soviet AT guns can now aim slightly lower


    Aside from the normal optimization treatment we have been giving to individual levels, we have also added an experimental optimization technique that will dynamically adjust your fog distance (view distance) based on your frame rate performance. This technique is disabled by default. When enabled, it will only have an affect on Black Day July and Stoumont Advance. If this technique proves to be useful, we will propagate the functionality to all other maps.

    See you on the battlefield,
    Darklight Games

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