Darkest Hour: Version 7.0.0 kommt

  • To commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the D-day invasion of France, the Darklight Games team is proud to announce the release of v7.0.0!

    In keeping with the spirit of the event, this update brings a total of 5 new Normandy levels: Vierville, St-Clement, La Cambe, Dead Man's Corner and Foucarville!

    The update also brings a whole bunch of new ear-candy, as we've replaced a dozen weapon sounds and completely replaced the American voices with professional voice recordings! And a...s always, we've made lots of changes and bug fixes, all of which can be seen in the change log!

    We had previously hinted that v7.0.0 would include a brand new squad system and map called Hedgerow Hell; unfortunately, we did not have enough time to finish them for the D-day update. Rest assured that this, and much more, will come in later updates!
    See you on the battlefield,

    Darklight Games

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