Serverrules [DH] Gameserver [PzDF] + Iron Cross (combined)


    1. behave respectfully towards your fellow players, no insults or asking other players to leave the server!

    2. max ping : 150

    To clarify: The ban for pinging reasons is not due to personal dislike or the like, it serves to guarantee the other players an unclouded gaming experience!

    3. no inactivity tolerated for a long time, you are taking away the space of those who want to play

    4. no sabotage of the game, no teamkilling, no insults

    5. Only German and English, everyone should be able to understand each other!

    6. Have fun and enjoy the game!


    Ban: Breach of rule 1 and 2 , and after the third time on rule 3 and rule 4 !

    Kick: Inactivity

    Session ban: The second time inactive for a longer period of time, followed by a permanent ban!

    If you have any questions send us a PM or post here in the forum, we will take care of it as soon as possible, thanks!

    Kind regards

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